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Here we explain the different services we can offer. We often find with commercial property that we have a vast cross section of clients, from the absolute beginner, to the experienced property developer and many in between.  Whatever your level of knowledge we can usually tailor our service to suit you and your specific circumstances.  We offer an impartial, pragmatic view with no hidden agenda or sales pitch.

Below are the types of work that we do - if you click on the link it will take you to a pdf examples of our work.

Concept/ Feasibility Studies This is where we look at the basic concept and offer good sound advice.  We like to work with you from the beginning of the idea/concept.  You can view this pdf as a web page here.

Commercial Building Surveys An indepth examination of the property - problem areas identified, costing's and action required all detailed with photos and sketches to aid understanding. Our service can include meeting the chartered building surveyor at the property to see at first hand any issues that arise.

Any fool can get a lease! - it's getting out of one that's the problem! Protect yourself with our detailed condition report. We offer realistic advice with a common sense approach.

We can defend you against dilapidation's and we understand the rules of the game and how to get you the best results. Read more

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