Leisure facilities building surveys

The 1st Associated.co.uk group of chartered surveyors have carried out many kinds of surveys including feasibility studies, measured surveys, structural surveys and building surveys on leisure facilities over the years, particularly on pubs, clubs and nightclubs. We have focused this section on recent surveys that we have done on pubs, as we feel we have a specialised knowledge of the licensed trade.

The term public house or pub can mean many things to many people and can be quite broad, we have therefore considered the following - venue pubs, community pubs, town centre pubs, food based pubs, pubs with accommodation and traditional wet lead pubic houses.

Our Building reports can consider the liabilities if you are buying freehold or taking on a lease. We particularly have specialist knowledge of leases, having been involved with the Mergers and Monopolies Commission and dealt with many breweries, young, old, established and no longer operating, together with pub companies and individuals.

Our building reports have been uniquely designed to identify your liabilities and aid negotiation (never accept the first figure) and protect your future liabilities. We only use chartered building surveyors with experience of the licence trade. We have a surveyor who is in the British Institute of Innkeepers www.bii.org and has been involved with single 'hands on' and multi pub operations.

Also featured here are examples of a restaurant, take away outlet and coffee shop. 1st Associated have been responsible for building surveys on all of these types of properties - an example of the surveys are below.

Some Reasons You Should Use us for your Pub Survey!:-

An Unfair Game

We carry out a structual survey to protect the cleint when they buy the lease ( a lease is a right to use a property (pub) to a set of rules made up by the landlord! a very unfair game!) This spots any structual problems costly maintenance issues

Any fool can get a lease

In surveying we often say "any fool can get a lease" this is because they can! and the Pub owners love it - with pubs, people are often so keen to get a pub they will sign almost anything - this becomes a problem in 5-10 or 20 years time when they want to leave the pub and the Pub owner says well you signed to do all these things why have they not been done'.

A Delapidation (known as a Delaps) report if then serviced on the lease holder (our client) for the cost of the works, these usually run into thousands. So to protect the cleint we do a "schedule of condition" as well as the structual survey which means taking 100's of pictures and recording the condition of each room andthe external of the property.

Three words that cost a lot of money "Put and Keep"

Most pub owning companies have a "put and kepp" clause in the lease - ask the pub buyer is this in his lease? There three words costs thousands of pounds they force the pub buyer to "put and keep" the property in good condition regardless of what it looks like today. A Delaps can be serve 10 seconds after they take the pub over on this clause alone

We look at things other surveyors don't mention!


1/ Does the building meet the EHO standards which is the Environmental Health standards on food hygeine in the kitchen and conditions in the beers cellars

2/ Does it comply with DDAct (Disabled legislation that means you have to alter any public building to give reasonable access the the disabled/lesable)

I dont' know of any other survey that looks at these issues

We also look at the good things too

The survey is very detailsed but it has a Summary which says all they need to know initially in brief including the good points - and we comment on extension, alteration and improvments to layout to increase trade

Meet them at the property

No other company does this! because our reports are written for the individual and not mass produced, we like to meet our clients at the property and get to understand what they want better.

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