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What are the different types of surveys available?

We offer surveys for both residential and commercial customers - ranging from the full residential building survey (formerly known as the structural survey) right through to the Home Buyers Report. We recommened that any property that is not considered ‘New’ should defintely have a Building survey carried out before it’s purchased - afterall the survey report only has to unearth one structural problem and it could save you thousands of pounds

Residential property surveys

Residential Building Survey

This is a full and comprehensive report that details every aspect of your property. The report includes photos, diagrams and clear and concise explanations of definitions and jargon. It also includes suggested costs for repairs to rectify any faults.

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Home Buyers report

This is essentially a shortened building survey that concentrates on high level checks. We only recommend that you have a Home Buyers report on new or nearly new property. Infact, being a new house doesn’t necessarily guarantee that there won’t be any problems.

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Commercial property surveys

Commercial building survey

This is the commercial equivalent of the residential building survey, but obviously on a grander scale. This survey is designed to examine the whole property from roof to foundations.

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Commercial schedule of condition

This survey is carried out before you move your business to the property - the idea being it’s a snap shot of the building condition before you undertook the lease.

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Commercial dilapidation report

Are you leasing a property? We can carry out an independent inspection of the property focusing on the buildings dilapidation during this tenancy.

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